We are an intersectional queer activist group that organises international exchange projects, art and political discussions around topics such as drag and gender expression, dating and relationships and sexual health. We understand ourselves as critical of the queer mainstream and try to raise awareness for critical discourses around identities, capitalism and global justice. We want to organise political education projects to support queer people in their process of empowerment, political engagement and solidarity with each other and other marginalized groups. We exist since 2020.


What we stand for

Living CRITICALly is not about putting people down, but about never simply accepting what is given to us. Whether stemming from the mainstream or niches, or from our own minds, ideas and opinions tend to carry hidden assumptions of power and dynamics of discrimination. We accept the responsibility to question ourselves instead, and so expose embedded practices of excluding others.

As QUEERs, we name our own space for sex and gender out of the norm that never gave it to us. Because we too deserve to feel at home. And as we build from what we take apart, we expand the space of what becomes possible, of newness yet to be, all from the diversity of our expression. There’s power in our play.

In SOLIDARITY, we stand with the marginalized – be they queer among the mainstream, or those who feel invisible within the queer community, or any who have ever had rights denied or never given. Global justice demands togetherness. So we amplify your voices, without claiming them as our own.